The Inside Story

by I Cut People

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I Cut People sampled 139 movies to create this phony, plastic album dedicated to Hollywood and its cronies. I Cut People's The Inside Story slices and dices Tinseltown into millions of pieces, creating a new and improved feature length audio collage out of 40 years of bad acting.

"I Cut People's latest album "The Inside Story" is 30 minutes of hysterical media cut-ups, somewhere between the outrageous humor of Wayne Butane and the morally righteous satire of Negativland."
- Music for Maniacs

Released on Buildings Building Themself(vs) Media Machine


released January 1, 2009

Movies Sampled:

007 (Octopussy) A Few Good Men A League of Their Own Airplane Aliens American Beauty Arachnophobia Back to the Future Part 2 Batman Beetlejuice Beverly Hills Cop 2 BIG The Big Lebowski Big Trouble in Little China Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey BOFFO! Tinseltown’s Bombs & Blockbusters Boogie Nights Born On the Fourth Of July The Breakfast Club The Burbs Carlito's Way Casablanca Chicago Christmas Vacation City Slickers Cocktail Conan Days of Thunder Death Proof Demolition Man Die Hard Dirty Dancing Don't Be A Menace (In South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood) The Dragon Driving Miss Daisy E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Encino Man Eyes Wide Shut Falling Down Fast Times At Ridgemont High Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Fight Club Fletch Forest Gump Friday Friday the 13th Fright Night Full Metal Jacket Get Shorty Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Ghoulies The Godfather Gone With the Wind Good Morning, Vietnam The Goonies The Graduate Gremlins Halloween Heathers Home Alone Hustle & Flow Independence Day Indiana Jones Jaws Jeepers Creepers Jerry Mcguire Jurassic Park Karate Kid Kazaam Killer Clowns from Outer Space Kindergarten Cop King Kong L.A. Story Legend Lethal Weapon 3 Little Shop of Horrors Magnolia Major Payne Mannequin Masters of the Universe Mean Girls Menace to Society Mission Impossible Monster Squad The Naked Gun Napoleon Dynamite Never Ending Story Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4 Omen Overboard Pee Wee's Big Adventure Planet of the Apes Point Break Poltergeist 1 Poltergeist 2 Predator Psycho Pulp Fiction Pumpkinhead Risky Business Robocop 2 Rocky Rocky Balboa (2007) Scent Of A Woman Scream The Seven Year Itch The Shining Shrek 2 Silence of the Lambs The Sixth Sense Snakes on a Plane Spaceballs Speed Star Trek 4 "The Voyage Home" Return of the Jedi The Empire Strikes Back Sunset Blvd. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Ten Commandments The Terminator The Three Amigos Tommy Boy Tootsie Top Gun Trading PlacesTripper Tron True Grit Twilight Zone (The Movie) Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me TheUsual Suspects Vacation Wayne's World Weird Science White Men Can't Jump Who Framed Roger Rabbit The Wizard of Oz The Wizard Young Guns Young Guns 2




I Cut People Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thought-provoking, amusing, nonsensical, challenging, headache-inducing, and enlightening.

"Hysterical media cut-ups, somewhere between the outrageous humor of Wayne Butane and the morally righteous satire of Negativland." - Music for Maniacs

"Mediabusting style attacks on culture." - Radio Clash
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